Complete Combine Side Knife Kits

Replacement spare parts for the following machines: for agricultural combines.

Spaldings complete side knife kits are manufactured to OEM specification.

Each kit comprises of R.H. and L.H. 1.35m side knives, mounting brackets and complete connection kit.

The connection kit links in directly with the OEM electric or hydraulic circuits to provide a fast and simple solution.



25 January, 2020

New petrol engines cause more air pollution than dirty diesels

New Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) petrol engines for cars emit more cancer-causing particles than modern diesel engines, a new study by independent vehicle researchers TÜV Nord revealed today.

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25 January, 2020

Supplier and end user collaboration could reduce chemicals’ environmental impacts reduced

A model for chemical use that involves collaboration between suppliers and end-users could benefit both parties as well as the environment, according to recent research.

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