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Besides high quality products, availability and faithful supply we will do our best to meet your requirements and commit co-operation to your entire convenience.

We appreciate productive relationship as it allows us to offer each customer the best value and the accurate logistic conditions.

As a result: Our client's investment delivers back the great economic return.

Combination of traditional and up-to-date elements features our service in a best way.

For example: It happens, that an enquiry for an item arrives without name and trade-mark. Is this a problem? Not really.

Just send to us an estimated draft and the measurements - we will manage to find a right spare part for you.

Furthermore MASCHINENBAUWELT clients count on our business and technical know-how skills concerning other matters too.

We are here to make your industry perform with minimal risks and high productivity!



14 April, 2024

New petrol engines cause more air pollution than dirty diesels

New Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) petrol engines for cars emit more cancer-causing particles than modern diesel engines, a new study by independent vehicle researchers TÜV Nord revealed today.

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14 April, 2024

Supplier and end user collaboration could reduce chemicals’ environmental impacts reduced

A model for chemical use that involves collaboration between suppliers and end-users could benefit both parties as well as the environment, according to recent research.

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